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SYNATEC NEURO INC Neuroscience services provides excellent, professional care in our conveniently located centers, all equipped with state of the art diagnostic capabilities. With each study you can expect superior quality, prompt report generation, board certified physician interpretations, technologist with extensive experience and rapid accessibility with convenient service.

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Digital EEG testing

This study is a neurological test that uses an electronic monitoring device to measure and record electrical activity in the brain.

Ambulatory EEG testing

This study combines digital EEG testing with the capabilities of continuous, 24 to 72 hour outpatient monitoring of the electrical activity in the brain while the patient is at home, school or work.

Nerve Conduction / EMG testing

These studies are specific tests designed to detect diseases and disorders of the nerves and muscles.

Evoked Potentials

These studies monitor the electrical signals generated by the nervous system in response to sensory stimuli.

Common uses

AmnesiaFainting spells / Syncope
AutismStaring / unusual behavior
ADHDLearning difficulties
Alzheimer'sInfection of the brain
Neurocognitive declineNeuropsychological evaluations
Head injurySleep Disorders
StrokeChemical disturbances that affect the brain
Refining or changing medicationsDegenerative neurological diseases
Changes in behaviorUndiagnosed episodes

In addition to neurological disorders, a certain population of patients may suffer from these conditions:

Neck and shoulder painPeripheral Neuropathy
Lower back painUnexplained numbness
Nocturnal discomfort in the extremitiesOnset of weakness
Entrapment neuropathies Entrapment Neuropathy
Occupational MedicineSports Medicine